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A Wiccan Community

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Wiccan Girls
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This is a Wiccan Community for females. However, just because it's for females, doesn't mean that males cannot join, so feel free to join and start up a discussion :)

Feel free to swap ideas, stories, questions, spells, etc back and forth with one another.

Now for the rules ...

1. Respect everyone and their views, even if they differ from yours.
2. Do not request spells that could harm others. While this goes against the Wiccan faith and shouldn't be an issue, I just wanted to clarify that it will not be accepted in this community.
3. No ads with out first contacting myself here on LJ
4. Post all love spells under an LJ cut.
5. Post all large photos under an LJ Cut.
6. We have a tagging system in place. Please try to find an appropriate tag for your entry. If you feel we need a tag added please contact myself or another mod.
7. Play nice and post away :)

Please check tags and/or memories if you have a specific question on something like recommended reading, your question may have been answered.

If you have any questions, please contact the maintainer xxloreleixx.

Member Survey. Please fill out once you are accepted. This will let the group know about you and help to make this community tailored to groups wishes and needs. To let it be known that you read the rules, place under an LJ cut titled An' It Harm None, Do What Ye Will. Please tag this entry as member survey

1. What is your path?
2. How long have you been practicing?
3. Do you follow any certain deities? If so who?
4. Practice any type of Divination? What types?
5. What do you hope to see/learn in this community?
6. Anything else you'd like to share?

Sister Communities!

Also if you're into tarot and daily readings, check out the community awickedpack

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