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11th-May-2012 09:33 pm - Organizing Your Book of Shadows
Hey guys. I know that this question comes up all the time, but I'm really drawing a blank here.

I really have no problem organizing my actual book really, but my problem is, is that I don't like my current BOS. I use a standard binder that I have decorated (that I like), but I don't like the inside of it. I've hand written things and typed them, and I just can't make up my mind which way I like better.

I love the idea of an actual book written in ink, but the thing that scares me is that you can't add pages (without them falling all over the place), and I want my book to remain organized.

My question is, for those of you who keep records/entries of all types of your workings (kitchen recipes, bath rituals, etc.), do you have separate books for separate things? I was considering maybe getting different books for kitchen recipes, one of general information, and a separate one specifically for spells/rituals/prayers, etc., but I just love the idea of having everything together in one book... I'm so indecisive!

How do you keep yours?
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6th-May-2012 02:28 am - Holidays
Hey guys! Have you been celebrating anything this week? Share! :D
28th-Apr-2012 03:05 pm - An Update on My Ms. Robin

And here she is peeking in my room!
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And she's been following me around for days and visiting me at my window. It's been making me really giggly and happy. Anyway, I look out this morning, and she's on my windowsill making a little nest :3


I'm pretty sure that this is just a cute little thing that has been sent my way (I know that Bird isn't an animal guide of mine), but Artemis is also my patron deity, and I've heard stories of her showing up in the form of a bird...
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18th-Apr-2012 02:43 am - Now Reading?
What's everyone reading at the moment, Pagan-wise? I have a bunch of books lined up to read - I know a few blogs I have come across via the PBP are doing a sort of Pagan version of the 50 Book Challenge and are reading 35 Pagan-oriented books in a year. Probably a good thing! My Pagan reading has really really slowed lately.

I'm reading "Elves, Wights and Trolls" by Gundarsson and it is really good. I'm not sure many people here are interested in Heathenry, and it isn't beginner-level stuff either but it's pretty good, so if you're a Heathen or know a Heathen, add it to the book list. Absolutely a must-read.

On a different subject entirely... A lot of the people I've been following here on LJ have drifted away to other sites. I have sort of drifted away too, because things got quiet. But (as you may have gleaned from my frequent posts here) I'm interested in being more active. I know people are at least lurking, so, if you post on Pagan subjects and you're not in total lurk-mode, I'd love to follow you. Let me know in the comments and I'll add you all.

(Also, are you not totally sick of me yet? ;) )
16th-Apr-2012 11:36 am - Abusing Wicca...

I got this link sent to me from my yoga teacher looking for greater insight into what on earth John Friend was thinking. My main response was “That is Not Wicca”. (Then again as I was never formally coven initiated it might be...) However I’m having some difficulties being coherent beyond that point. I also suspect given my public pagan affiliations and an ignorance of nonchristian religions in my area that I will be asked this again. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advance.

14th-Apr-2012 03:49 pm - Your BOS
A while ago, I ripped out the heart of my Book of Shadows in the intent of filling it with new things. Things that are important to me now, and that are so different from the person I was back when I first bought the thing. It was cathartic!

But now I've done it, I'm not sure what to put in it!

I had this idea that I'd type up and print out a lot of stuff, and tape it in, so that in the future instead of ripping the pages from the book, I could just replace one typed page with another. It's a big book, so that's possible. But nothing's happened yet. ;)

Discussion points!

Do you have a Book of Shadows? Do you call it that, or do you have another name for it? (Book of Mirrors, Book of Light etc.)
What does it contain?
What are your favourite things in your BoS?
What does it look like? (Ring binder, scrapbook, big hard-bound book...)
Do you know any websites that have a lot of good stuff on creating a BoS that you'd like to share?
9th-Apr-2012 03:23 pm - The World Around Us
Autumn is taking its time where I live. I celebrate a holiday on "the first truly cold day after the equinox" but that hasn't arrived yet, so Odin will have to wait for his mead. The sun remains warm, the air remains muggy, and it's only after the sun sets that things start to cool down.

What is the world around you doing right now?

As an extra topic of discussion, do you have any holidays that you celebrate when the world around you changes in a particular way (the first butterfly of the season, the first daffodil, the first frost...?) rather than on a traditional or astronomical date?
9th-Apr-2012 02:42 am - Roll call!
So, we have over 300 members in this group. I'm going to start posting some more discussion questions just to get things moving again, but before I do, could everyone who's still active or semi-active on LJ in general please leave a comment? I'd just like to get an idea how many people are still around.

EDIT: Good to see people are still around! :D Got a heap of replies much quicker than I thought I would. Thanks everyone! I'll get started on finding some discussion topics.
5th-Apr-2012 05:32 pm - Hello everyone
I feel bad that this place hasn't been active in a long time. Of course, I don't think much of LJ is all that active outside of the fandoms, but still. I'd like to reinvigorate this place, if I can. I'm not a member of many Pagan communities and most of my individual friends here have drifted away.

I mean. I'm not a Wiccan. In fact the definition of "Wicca" I go with is something a lot of people here would probably disagree with. I became a maintainer not long before activity started to die off. But I'd still like to do what I can to jump-start things. I know many people here are still active because there is a random post once in a while, and people do respond.

So. If I start posting random discussions, maybe people will join in. I follow a lot of blogs on like Wordpress and stuff so they might give me the occasional idea.

That's not a bad one to start with, actually. LJ is a blogging community, but the stress is often on the community part; it's a place to share things with like minds, in comparison to places like blogspot and wordpress which are less social and more focused on... well, individual publishing, I guess you could say.

So, does anyone here have a blog somewhere like blogspot or wordpress? What sort of thing do you write in it? Do you enjoy the experience?

And, whether you do or not, are you participating in the Pagan Blog Project?
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